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Able to Throw Again with No Pain!

As a track coach, more specifically a throwing coach, being able to demonstrate throwing technique was critical. After surgery (both knees over a 5 month period) I am able to throw again with no pain. My recovery time was in weeks, not months, so I did not miss the spring track season.

- Ernst Alexanderson

Immediately Feel Better!

I had meniscus surgery about 1 month ago with Dr. Abrutyn. I honestly have to say that everything and everyone involved were just amazing! Dr. Abrutyn took the time to listen to my every complaint, and I never felt rushed. I also never felt better and that was immediate. I also had shoulder issues and had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Nordstrom (same department) he was terrific, understanding and my shoulder is getting better. In addition, the office staff in both locations do their best to get you in when you need it and are all very friendly. Everything is outstanding.

- Laura Nelson

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