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Managing Carpal Tunnel With Dr. Boretz

Carpal tunnel syndrome...


Efficient, Personable, Helpful and Patient Friendly

Dr. Robert Boretz performed Carpal Tunnel surgery on both of my hands on May 22, 2018. I was diagnosed as severe as I had neglected the symptoms for too long. I had same day surgery and could move all my fingers and thumbs with the dressings on. The pain was minimal. I applied ice for 20 minutes every 2 hours for 2 and ½ days, which eliminated any pain. I did not need any pain medications. The bandages were removed after 48 hours. I constantly moved my fingers and thumbs, elevated my hands above my heart as often as I could. I want to thank Dr. Boretz for his extremely skillful surgery. The staff, nurses, reception, doctors were all efficient, personable, helpful and patient friendly. My hands feel normal again after years of numbness and pain.

- Larry M. Ziemba

Efficient, Professional and Courteous

I am very pleased with the treatment (including diagnosis surgery, and follow up) for my carpal tunnel in my right hand. Dr. Boretz clearly explained everything before, during and after surgery that pertained to my treatment. I am also happy to say the office and nursing staff at SMG are all efficient, professional and courteous. Thanks!

- Edward

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