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Returning to Play After Concussion

Many of us and our children enjoy an active lifestyle. While staying active and participating in spo...


Collaboration Between Practitioners is Key

I am a weekend warrior athlete and also coach high school lacrosse and ice hockey. I underwent a knee arthroscopy for a torn meniscus by another physician and had a terrible outcome. Despite physical therapy and a cortisone injection, I had persistent pain and swelling. I was told I had arthritis and the only option was a knee replacement. I went to Dr. Shindle for a second opinion and had my knee drained and then a subsequent series of 3 Orthovisc injections (hyaluronic acid). Dr. Shindle reviewed my activities and communicated directly with my physical therapist and school athletic trainers and started me on a low impact exercise regimen and strengthening program. It has now been 6 years and my knee still feels great. Thanks to Dr. Shindle and his staff my goal is to never require a joint replacement. he took the time and effort to listen to my situation and come up with a solution that fit my lifestyle best, instead of just telling me that the only option was surgery.

- Kevin

Pain-Free After PRP and Shockwave Therapy

I am a police officer and was struggling with chronic elbow pain and tendonitis. The pain made it difficult for me to keep up with the heavy demands of my job. I was diagnosed with a torn tendon in my elbow and several orthopedists told me that surgery was my only option. I met Dr. Shindle and he recommended that we start with PRP and shockwave treatment before considering surgery. I underwent both procedures and have now been pain-free for over a year. I am appreciative that I was able to avoid surgery and did not miss any time from work. Dr. Shindle and his staff were fantastic.


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