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The best of the best

Total right shoulder replacement surgery was performed 5-15-17. Within 9 months I was back playing competitive basketball. I can lead a normal life again because of Dr. Garberina. I have absolutely no pain. I can do whatever I want with my shoulder again. Dr. Garberina is the rock star of orthopedic surgery. Everything he told me came true. The best of the best.

- Thomas DeNapoli

I am forever grateful

The treatment I received from Dr. Zornitzer went above and beyond my expectations. I injured myself while on vacation and visited the local hospital for treatment. I was advised I had a soft tissue injury and ice was the best remedy after they ran several tests. Once back home, I decided to seek a second opinion from The Center of Orthopedics since the injury appeared to be getting worse. Dr. Zornitzer quickly identified my injury and determined it was not soft tissue related, but instead advised me that I had torn all of the ligaments in my arm. He took his time to explain how this happened, the best course of action as well as answered any questions or concerns I had. The thought of having to do surgery terrified me, especially given my line of work. Since I am self-employed, I could not be out of work for an extended period of time. I was worried about the recovery time as well as whether I would ever be able to use my arm with full function ever again. Dr. Zornitzer was there to guide me through the entire process and assured me that I would be back to normal in no time. He also advised that the surgery he was going to perform was fairly new and technologically advanced. Most doctors may have recommended the traditional method, but the recovery time was almost double than the surgery he opted for instead. I put my entire trust in Dr. Zornitzer and I was glad I did. Within three months I went from not being able to hold a bag of bread in my hand without pain to being back to almost 100% functional. Though I wish I never had to go through this experience to begin with, I am delighted I had a doctor with the knowledge and skill set as Dr. Zornitzer. He was able to turn this unfortunate accident, which could have affected the rest of my life, into something I no longer have to worry about every day. I am forever grateful to Dr. Zornitzer and his team.

- Ivan

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