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Exceeded Expectations

I give the highest possible recommendation to Dr. James Kanellakos. He performed a vey successful; quad ligament rupture surgery on my left knee in 2017. And, a full right hip replacement in 2018. Both surgery results exceeded my expectations and hopes. He is an excellent communicator before and after surgery. He is genuinely concerned and a good man in addition to being an exceptional surgeon.

- Peter Zoremba

Struggling with Hip Pain

After struggling with hip pain and walking issues, my health care provider suggested I considered a total hip replacement. In conferred with several health care professionals and Dr. Kanellakos was mentioned. Besides his skill with total joint procedures, I was told that his background at the Canadian trauma hospital prepared him for treating complex orthopedic cases.

I did not have to wait long for an appointment, and my appointment was on time. The staff was pleasant, efficient and willing to answer questions.

“Dr. K” was kind and professional. He patiently answered all of my questions to the extent that I felt comfortable enough to choose him to perform my surgery.

The procedure went smoothly. Hospital stay went well, private room and caring staff. After 2 nights, I required no pain meds (only used it for sleep). I was followed with home PT.

My incision is just a fine line. Stitching is under the skin and outer layer held together with surgical glue. Truly amazing workmanship!

At 4 months post-op, I am awaiting my 2nd hip replacement already scheduled next month with Dr. K.

- Red

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