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Rotator Cuff Repair Video

Phyllis’s shoulder pain kept her up at night and made performing everyday tasks difficult and painful. But when a surgical nurse friend recommended Dr. Garberina, everything changed. After an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, Phyllis is now pain-free. No more sleepless nights, no more worrying about reaching the top shelf, and she’s even back on the golf course.

- Phyllis Kaplan

A Foot & Ankle Specialist Worth a Bit of a Drive

I went to Dr. Ucciferri in 2012 after an auto accident. He did surgery on my right foot and ankle. Since he did this, it has been great. Going through the accident was traumatic but thankfully, Dr. Ucciferri knew how to fix my foot and alleviate the pain. Since meeting him and his staff in the Martinsville office, I know go to him for all of my podiatry problems. I drive 35-4o minutes to get to his office; however the care and expertise I receive from him and his staff is more than worth the ride.

- Susan M. Stock

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