Perfect Example for the Medical Industry

I had a great experience with Dr. Black and the entire staff at Summit Medical Group. Dr. Black was very comforting and thorough in going over my bicep tendon repair surgery. He even called the night before surgery to see if I had any questions about the procedure. Dr. Black and his staff are fine examples of how the medical industry should trust their patients.

- Salvatore Guarna

Back to Running Spartan Races

On November 4, 2017 I injured my arm running a Spartan Race. I saw Dr. Black around 10 days after the injury and he informed me that I had torn the bicep tendon and that I would most likely need surgery. He was able to get me in within the hour to have an MRI done in order to confirm the extent of the injury. Dr. Black made sure that all of my questions were answered and that I understood exactly what was going to happen. I was waiting in the cafeteria for my MRI appointment and he happened to come in for something to eat. He saw me siting there and took the time to come over and speak with me some more about the surgery. This is something that he didn’t need to do but it says a great deal about his character and commitment to his patients. Before he left he stated that the best way to reach him was through his email. He even cleared his schedule because he stated it was important to get the surgery repaired within 14 days of the injury to limit any complications.

The day before the surgery he even called me and asked if I had any last-minute questions or concerns.

The surgery went great. The staff was excellent, from check in through to post op. Everyone was extremely professional. Dr. Black took the time to meet with my wife after the surgery and explain how everything went and that I had actually completely tore my entire tendon loose.

Even after the surgery Dr. Black didn’t just push me aside. He stayed just as engaged with my recovery as he did with my diagnosis and surgery. I was not an easy patient. I wanted to get back to training for my next race. Dr. Black recommended that I see Robyn Granizo, OTR, CHT. Once again, Dr. Black was right on! Robyn was terrific. She told me exactly what I needed to do in order to get back to running my races. Again, I wasn’t a model patient. I did run a race in December but I kept my sling on and only used the one arm. It did limit the obstacle I could attempt but their voices were in the back of my mind so I didn’t push it.

I could go on and on about how happy I am with the level of services and care that I received during the entire process. Today, I am back running Spartan races and my arm is stronger than ever thanks to the excellent level of care that was provided to me by Dr. Eric Black.

- George Hogan

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