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Preventing athletic injuries at SMG Ortho

Preventing Athletic Injuries

Many shoulder injuries in overhea...
Dr. Abrutyn explains common shoulder injuries in throwing and overhead athletes

Common Shoulder Injuries in the Overhead Athlete

It is no surprise that athletes who participate in overhead sports such as


ACL Video

When Chris Ward tore his ACL, his choice for getting it repaired was a “no-brainer,” he said: It had to be Dr. David Abrutyn at Summit Medical Group Orthopedics.

Chris was worried that his injury would limit his ability to perform his duties as a captain in the Linden Fire Department, but he knew Dr. Abrutyn could help. These days Chris is back on the hook-and-ladder doing what he loves.

- Chris Ward

Friendly & Kind Staff

Dr. David A. Abrutyn, M.D. is so caring and compassionate. He had helped my left shoulder feel 100% better. I thank him for his care. I highly recommend him, His staff are so friendly and kind.

- Veronica Auciello

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