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Distal biceps repair at Summit Medical Group Orthopedics

Signs You Need a Distal Biceps Repair

There are many possible sources of elbow pain. What most have in common is that many people expect t...
Knee pain has many possible sources

4 Common Types of Knee Pain (and What You Can Do About Them)

For many people—especially those who are overweight or lead a sedentary lifestyle—


Back in the Gym

Competitive bodybuilder Marguerite DeMaio thought a rotator cuff tear and labrum injury would end her career. But with the help of Summit Medical Group Orthopedics’ Dr. Jason Garcia, Marguerite is back in the gym–and back on the podium.

- Marguerite

From Crutches Back to Running Shoes

A mishap with her dog derailed Monica Cullen’s marathon training and nearly cost her her active lifestyle. But with the help of Summit Medical Group Orthopedics surgeon Dr. Jason Garcia, she’s back to lacing up her running shoes, and she crossed the New York City Marathon finish line.

- Monica Cullen

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