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Highly Qualified, Excellent Surgeon

I tore my achilles tendon at 30 years old. Being a very active person, I wanted to make sure my tendon was repaired the right way the first time. I made sure my surgeon was a fellowship trained foot and ankle specialist. Dr. Wagshul met that criteria. He is an excellent surgeon that gave me the confidence to return to highly intense activities. I highly recommend Dr. Wagshul for all orthopedic surgeries.

- Brad

Orthopedic Nurse With Successful Outcome

I am an orthopedic nurse who sustained a complex fracture of my foot after a fall. I chose Dr. Adam Wagshul, a foot and ankle specialist, for my surgeon. The surgical procedure and the after care went very smoothly and I have recuperated fully. Dr. Wagshul and his office staff were unfailingly professional, pleasant and kind. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the entire experience and recommend him highly to anyone needing foot/ankle care.

- Adrienne

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